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Host Baby - Cover pic 2014

Bedrock 2014.


Dan Shout gives it a good rip on the sax as lead vocalist, Heiko Doedens (left), and Pete Shout (bass – right), enjoy the fun!

All Blond!

Nothing like Bedrock groupies!


Setting up on the big stage at the 2006 Oranjemund Cultural Festival in Namibia. (Left – right: Dave MacMillan (guitar & vocals), Heiko Doedens (lead vocals) and Pete Shout (bass & vocals).

RS - Medicine Time

Dave MacMillan, Solange Heusdens, Eddie Heusdens, Heiko Doedens & Pete Shout.

Behind Blue Eyes

Christmas gig at ‘La Cantina’, Oranjemund. Dave MacMillan on guitar, Heiko Doedens on vocals and Solange Heusdens on keys.

Trio Bedrock 1996

Bedrock trio 1996. Charles Piggott (lead guitar & vocals), Eddie Heusdens (drums) and Pete Shout (bass & vocals).

Bedrock Posed Dec 2005 019

Desert Rockers 2005. Left – right: Dave MacMillan, Heiko Doedens, Solange Heusdens, Pete Shout & Eddie Heusdens.

BedCal Band In Sand

Band In The Sand 1999. Left – right: Eddie Heusdens, Jen Malherbe, Ken Malherbe, Kenny Ramage, Charles Piggott & Pete Shout.


Desert pit stop – Pete Shout & the gigmobile with the band’s back line.

Eddie Bass

A rare sight – Eddie Heusdens on bass! Just another of the man’s skills…

Official Bedrock Groupies

Bedrock groupies!

DStv Launch

DSTV launch at ‘La Cantina’ in Oranjemund – and the band rocks it in!!

Bedrock - Canyon - 2009 063

In the Canyon 2009. Left – right: Pete Shout, Solange Heusdens, Polla Pretorius & Eddie Heusdens.

Toasting The Birthday Boyv2

Toasting Eddie on the occasion of his 50th birthday in 2007.

Peters 'n Smart Moves

Rocking the 1000 member audience at the Oranjemund Power Station.

Whk Rock Fest - Bedrock Alight

Bedrock on fire at the 2003 Bank Windhoek Rock Festival in Windhoek – the boys were so hot nothing could put them out!

Tropic of Cap - Bedrock

On the road again – 2003! Left – right: Eddie, Pete & Kenny.

RS - Heiko & Eddie

Heiko’s first rehearsal with the band.

Groupies All! (2)

A swarm of groupies!

Full Steam Ahead (2)

Chasing Flamingoes? Jen, Kenny and Pete drivin’ it on at a function at popular Oranjemund restaurant.

Bedrockin' @ The POH

Rockin’ at the ‘Place Of Happiness’.

Bedrock Pan House Rocks Dec 2003

Broken home? Pete (left), Eddie (centre) and Kenny (right) look to upgrade!

Pete & Kenny do the biz - BOB - v.9

Rockin’ their way to the money! The Bedrock trio steal the show at a Rock Band Contest, sponsored by South African Breweries, at Keetmanshoop. Left – right: Pete Shout, Eddie (drums) and Kenny Ramage.

Pete and Eh Guitar BOBv3

Wall of Fame – Pete checks out the acoustics.

BedCal Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Blues? Kenny and Eddie serve time for playing out of time!

BedCal Kenny & Eddie smirks

Picture perfect! Eddie and Kenny lark about during the recording of “So, Where’s The Party?”.

2002 Arch Cal

Arch Friends? Left – right: Mike Millad, Kenny Ramage, Pete Shout & Eddie Heusdens.

Bedrock Roadie

Rain, shine, wind, flood or sandstorm – nothing stops Bedrock getting to a gig. This time it’s Luderitz!

Cover Story

Cover version! Dieter Noli, who features on the cover of “So, Where’s The Party?”, joins the band to prove that he is REAL at the German Club in Luderitz.

Desert Rock Launch 25.05.11 028

Solange on form at the 2011 launch of ‘Desert Rock’.

RS - Rock 'n Rollers

It’s only rock ‘n roll (and they like it!).

RS - John Rock 'n Rolls

Getting the party going with an opening set of rock ‘n roll standards led by guest artist, the legendary John Edmond, at “Op My Stoep”, Oranjemund.

RS - Bedrock Don 010906 - Pass The Bottle!

Pass The Bottle!!

Right There!

Former founding band member, Pete Krog (right), casts an eye over proceedings during one of the band’s Cape Town recording sessions for their 2008 release, SIMPLICITY. Also in picture are Pete Shout (left) and Dan Shout (centre).

McDougall's Wedding

Wedding gig at MacDougall’s Bay outside Port Nolloth.

RS - Bedrock Bouncers!

Door keeps, bodyguards, bouncers and salesmen – Bedrock supporters are all-rounders!

RS - Party Cover

Photo shoot for the cover of “So, Where’s The Party?”. Left – right: Kenny Ramage, Mike Millad, Eddie Heusdens & Pete Shout.

RS - Pile Up Dec 2003

Pile Up? 2003. Left – right: Kenny, Pete and Eddie.


Celebrating the bedding down of the recording sessions for “So, Where’s The Party?”. Pete (left), Eddie (centre) and Neil Thain share a toast.


“We are not worthy!”. Supporters doing the hand jive at the band’s gig at Evita se Peron in Darling.

JR & Pete

Picking the Lemon Tree? John Rogers (left) and Pete Shout doing their thing at a festival at the Oranjemund Rugby Club.


Full-on at the Kleinzee Recreation Club. Left – right: Charles Piggott, Ken Malherbe, Jenny Malherbe, Kenny Ramage and Pete Shout. Eddie Heusdens on drums, obscured, at the back,

Jen Floats

The band helps their female lead vocalist to levitate! Left – right: Eddie, Pete, Kenny and gust, Dan Shout, keeping Jenny’s feet off the ground.

Ldz Road Mud 1995

Band In The (Sperrgebiet) Mud! Eddie proves he had his window up as he refuels at Luderitz.


Documentary shoot for German television – Eddie in the frame with Pete in the background.

Feelin' The Heat

Charles gets it off his chest at a gig at the German Hostel Hall in Luderitz.

Kennuf High

Kenny hitting the high notes at the Oranjemund Riding Club.

Desert Troubadour

Songwriting in the desert sands – Pete looks for some inspiration.

Bedrock 260408 006

Rock Garden? Left – right: Eddie Heusdens, Solange Heusdens, Heiko Doedens and Pete Shout.

Riding Stoepv2

Dan Shout (left) and Pete Shout on a roll at the Oranjemund Riding Club.

Working Hard

Smokin’. Bassman Pete in the groove at the Windhoek Rock Festival.


Rockin’ Tannie Evita at Darling. Left – right: Mike Millad, Kenny Ramage and Pete Shout.

RS - She's A Smartie!

Isn’t She A Smartie? Solange shows she’s not in it for the money!

Bedrock 190108 019

Heiko gets booted out of Dining Room Studios to go and practice on his own!! Eddie make keeps an eye on him.

RS - Fanie Bear

Pankop Smit. A solid Bedrock supporter if there ever was one!

RS - Bedrock From Atop

Rockin’ at “Op My Stoep”, Oranjemund.

RS - Drum Solo

Drum solo addicts!

RS - Funny Face!

Always smiling when he’s making a noise…

RS - Fan Base

Fan base at the Oranjemund Bowling Club.

Ldz Again

Sound check time at the German Club in Luderitz.

Welcome to the BEDROCK PROJECT

RS - Sand Circle front cover

The band’s 2014 album available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other leading digital distributors. The album features tracks such as “Man In The Corner”, “He’s A Winner”, “She Said She Was (From Namibia) “Everybody Wants To Be In The Band Tonight” and, of course, “Sand Circle”.

It seems hard to believe that it is well over 20 years since our original foursome stood around the bar, at a unique pub in the Namib desert called the ‘Place Of Happiness’, wondering what name to give our newly formed rock band.  Various ideas had been tossed around, some pretty conventional, others very “off the wall”!  Eventually, Pete Krog came up with the idea of the Bedrock Blues Band.  The first word did well for us but the middle word didn’t quite fit.  You see, we didn’t play any blues at that time so, to put ourselves out there as a blues band, would have been a little quirky.  That discussion didn’t take long (Pete was easy to railroad!) and so we became, simply, BEDROCK (The Band In The Sand).

BEDROCK (The Band In The Sand) was formed in 1994 out of a guitar playing duo known as ‘Double P’ which comprised two of the band’s founding members, Pete Krog on lead and vocals and Pete Shout on bass and vocals.  All this took place in the remote Namibian desert hamlet of Oranjemund.  Over the following 20 years BEDROCK exceeded their own expectations, recording 6 albums (of which the latter 5 comprised only original material written by the band’s members), winning Rock Band contests, appearing alongside a number of leading Namibian and South African artists at various festivals and events, featuring on television documentaries and programmes and, by being early adopters of advancing technologies in the music field, enjoying regular commercial radio airplay and reaching audiences which, in days gone by, would have been out of their reach.  Throughout the 20 years, and despite numerous personnel changes, the band was anchored by two of the original founding quartet in the shape of Eddie Heusdens (drums and percussion) and Pete Shout (vocals, lead guitar, bass and keyboards).

Having celebrated their 20th Anniversary during the course of 2014, the final line-up of the Oranjemund-based BEDROCK dissolved at the beginning of 2015 when Pete Shout left the desert wastes for the greener mountains of Cape Town.  The BEDROCK name, however, has travelled with Pete to the Cape and has morphed into the BEDROCK PROJECT.  The change of name demarcates the subtle transition of BEDROCK from ‘The Band IN The Sand’ to ‘The Band FROM The Sand’.  The BEDROCK PROJECT is a collaborative concept which will continue to build on the band’s legacy with past members of the band will be involved in the Project’s activities.

Whilst largely a studio-based project at this stage, it is envisaged that the band will make occasional public appearances to keep the band’s live gigging spirit going.  Watch this space for news on these exciting developments in the months ahead.

For the full BEDROCK STORY please follow the HISTORY tab on this site…it is a pretty special story,


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