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If you’re new to the BEDROCK experience, we’re about having a bit of good, old fashioned fun.  With the input of band members with roots in countries such as Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, BEDROCK have always been an innovative and unconventional bunch.   All their songs are about the world they live and gig in – the people, the places, the experiences, the humour, support and friendship.  It’s infectious!

“From the heady days of the seemingly endless early afternoon till late night gigs at La Cantina, where the crowds were often so large that they spilled out onto the pavement outside the bar, where the tables and chairs doubled as elevated dance floors…I can say:  I was there!” – Paul Alexander, former bassist of the Namibian band, Snoblind. Liner notes to Sand Circle (2014).

“Bedrock is a band that does not take itself too seriously at all, but they are very serious about giving their fans (they prefer to call them friends) a good time playing good music”. – Brian Currin of Brian Currin Music, liner notes to Desert Rock (2011).

“This album rocks!  I’ve never been a big fan of African Rock and Roll. In fact I can honestly say that I’ve never heard an African rock band did too much for me. After listening to Bedrock’s new album, all I can say is, “If this is what music is like in Namibia, send me to the desert.” – Wahr’s World Of Music (USA)(2003)”

“For one thing, ‘So, Where’s the Party?’ is freer, with an aggressive, purposeful guitar. No pretentious noodling here.” – South African Rock Digest (21 April 2003)

“These guys have the party-in-the-garage sense of fun.
Overall, ‘Bedrock’ is a cool name — and they make cool, honest, rock music” – South African Rock Digest (5 November 2001).

“In the liner notes, they regard their music as “garage rock”, but I
think they’re too good for that term.” – South African Rock Digest (5 November 2001)

“But the rest of the album is a mixture of original rock songs performed by
a group of older rockers who clearly realize and accept that an NME
correspondent is unlikely to pitch up in the near future, but don’t care at
all.” – South African Rock Digest (12 August 2001)


The original band, having been around for more than 20 years,  established a valued circle of friends.    BEDROCK music is a mixture of original pop, classic rock, folk, country and instrumental songs, a sound developed over many years in the Namib desert in Namibia where the band had its roots.  Humour is an important ingredient in our musical blend so listen out for those little touches in our songs…and don’t be afraid to be amused!  PS – There should be something there for everyone…

Although the original BEDROCK band dissolved in 2014, some of its members have continued to keep the legacy alive through their current activities.  BEDROCK’s work and catalogue have been absorbed into the BEDROCK PROJECT’S mantle.  A further spin-off project, PETE’S PLANET, is in the making and will be releasing a full length album during 2020 – watch this space for further announcements.

OPEN DOORS, the Bedrock Project's 2017 EP.

OPEN DOORS, the Bedrock Project’s 2017 EP.

During the course of 2017, two of the band’s long serving members released an EP of seven original tracks entitled OPEN DOORS.   This album sticks to BEDROCK’s successful formula of mixing genres and giving listeners some fun and amusement.  An example of this is the ditty, “Silly Song”, which features on this work.

The release also includes a re-recording of reggae song “Rickshaw Baby Blues”, originally released on the band’s 2003 album, SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?  Then there’s “#Rain Must Fall”, a song which touches upon the critical drought situation in Cape Town, South Africa – but which could apply anywhere.  The closing track, “Over You”, a romantic ballad, is a fitting last song.

Prior to this, the band’s 2008 album, SIMPLICITY  album was completely remixed and enhanced and re-released in 2016.  This album contains many of the band’s RS - Simplicity - front cover 2016most frequently played radio tracks such as “My Girlfriend”, as well as many digital download favs like “Wheel O’ Hearts”, “You Don’t Know”, “Moon and Dunes” and “Flower Girl”.  If you haven’t checked SIMPLICITY out yet, do so today!

To discover more about the  Bedrock experience, please explore our back catalogue where you’ll encounter various stories and experiences, lots of tales of parties, wild times, desert life and interesting characters, all under-pinned by the band’s subtle brand of humour.  You’ll find our music available to you via all popular digital music providers (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc), as well as at CD Baby   You can also find us on Facebook where we have a Music Store available.  Please LIKE our page whilst you’re there!

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You can also check out our YouTube videos:

Moon ‘ Dunes –  An extremely popular instrumental track from the 2008 album, SIMPLICITY.  The track speaks to the incredible experience of watching the full moon rise over the majestic sand dunes of the Namib desert.

What Crap Is That? – A song which was inspired by the punk bands of the 80’s and 90’s, a tongue-in-cheek jab at society’s conventions and norms.

Band Song –  A song which traces the band’s history and many of their experiences.  (From the 2010 album, DESERT ROCK).

Nothing Worries Me – A popular tongue-in-cheek reggae song about the sweet leaf!  (From 2003’s release, SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?).

Dust Town – A song which bemoans the fate of the town’s of the Namibian Namib desert, settlements whose futures are dedicated by the ebbs and flows of the international diamond market, all these towns and villages serving the mining industry.  (From the 2010 release, DESERT ROCK).

Everybody (Wants To Be In the Band Tonight) – BEDROCK have always been about audience participation – and the consequences!  (From the 2014 release, SAND CIRCLE).

BEDROCK’s digital downloads have been available since 2006 and, over those years, the most popular tracks have been:

  1.  Crowd Invasion (Album:  SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?)
  2. Band Song (Album:  DESERT ROCK)
  3. Angels (Album:  SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?)
  4. So, Where’s The Party? (Album:  SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?)
  5. Moon ‘n Dunes (Album:  SIMPLICITY)
  6. She’s A Lady (Album:  SIMPLICITY)
  7. On Her Own (Album:  DESERT ROCK)
  8. What Crap Is That? (Album:  SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?)
  9. Wheel O’Hearts (Album:  SIMPLICITY)
  10. Rock ‘n Roll Man II (Album:  SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?)

For the full BEDROCK STORY please follow the HISTORY tab on this site…it is a pretty special story.  You will also find all the links to the band’s music and our  YOUTUBE video channel, as well as snippets that are designed to entertain and amuse you.  BEDROCK have a deep appreciation for their friends and would like to welcome you into this circle, too.

RS - Sand Circle front cover

SAND CIRCLE – Released in 2014.


On RECOVERY (2001) you’ll bump into the “Rock ‘n Roll Man”, Kenny Ramage’s epic tune, the first Bedrock song ever aired on commercial radio.  He’ll be alongside “The Loser” and the “Man Who Needs A Woman”.

On SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY? (2003) you run into the “Rock ‘n Roll Man II” and face the experience of a “Crowd Invasion” before reclining with the “Rickshaw Baby Blues” and, finally, calling for a “Last Round”!

As far as SIMPLICITY (2008) goes, you’ll soon run into “My Girlfriend”, a “Tramp’s Song”, a “Slow Learner”, a “Flower Girl” and, to top it all, “The Alchemist”.

2010’s DESERT ROCK will introduce you to the band’s anthem, “Band Song”, someone “On Her Own” and a plea to preserve a special place from becoming a “Dust Town”.

Finally, 2014’s SAND CIRCLE, will introduce you to “The Man In The Corner”, a young lady from Namibia, “Lazy Susie”, the “Winner”, a whole lot of folk trying to join the band, and finally, “Billy Badger”.