Welcome to the home of BEDROCK – The Band From The Sand!!

If you’re new to the BEDROCK experience, we’re about having a bit of good, old fashioned fun.  Having been around for more than 20 years, we consider ourselves as veterans today.  Our sound is a mix of pop, classic rock, folk, country and instrumentals, developed over many years in the Namib desert in Namibia where the band has its roots.  Humour is an important ingredient in our musical blend so listen out for those little touches in our songs…and don’t be afraid to be amused!

The band’s “big news” so far in 2016 has been the re-release of our 2008 album, SIMPLICITY. This recording has been completely remixed and enhanced, vastly improving on the earlier release.  This album contains many of the band’s RS - Simplicity - front cover 2016most frequently played radio tracks such as “My Girlfriend”, as well as many digital download favs like “Wheel O’ Hearts”, “You Don’t Know”, “Moon and Dunes” and “Flower Girl”.  If you haven’t checked SIMPLICITY out yet, do so today!

At the present we’re writing material for a new album which wil be heralded by BEDROCK’s first single release! Watch this space for more news on this score.

To discover more about the  Bedrock experience, please explore our back catalogue where you’ll encounter various stories and experiences, lots of tales of parties, wild times, desert life and interesting characters, all under-pinned by the band’s subtle brand of humour.  You’ll find our music available to you via all popular digital music providers (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc), as well as at CD Baby   You can also find us on Facebook where we have a Music Store available.  Please LIKE our page whilst you’re there!

During 2015, tracks from our 2010 album, DESERT ROCK, proved to be most popular with our listeners.  Top downloads of the album were “Band Song”, “Who You Are”, “On Her Own”, “Burnt”, “You Can” and “S-Q-Weeze”.

Our second most popular album, in terms of track downloads, is our 2003 release, SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY?    Particularly popular tracks are “Angels”, “What Crap is That?”, “Crowd Invasion” and “So, Where’s The Party?”

For the full BEDROCK STORY please follow the HISTORY tab on this site…it is a pretty special story.  You will also find all the links to the band’s music and our  YOUTUBE video channel, as well as snippets that are designed to entertain and amuse you.  BEDROCK have a deep appreciation for their friends and would like to welcome you into this circle, too.

RS - Sand Circle front cover

SAND CIRCLE – Released in 2014.


On RECOVERY (2001) you’ll bump into the “Rock ‘n Roll Man”, Kenny Ramage’s epic tune, the first Bedrock song ever aired on commercial radio.  He’ll be alongside “The Loser” and the “Man Who Needs A Woman”.

On SO, WHERE’S THE PARTY? (2003) you run into the “Rock ‘n Roll Man II” and face the experience of a “Crowd Invasion” before reclining with the “Rickshaw Baby Blues” and, finally, calling for a “Last Round”!

As far as SIMPLICITY (2008) goes, you’ll soon run into “My Girlfriend”, a “Tramp’s Song”, a “Slow Learner”, a “Flower Girl” and, to top it all, “The Alchemist”.

2010’s DESERT ROCK will introduce you to the band’s anthem, “Band Song”, someone “On Her Own” and a plea to preserve a special place from becoming a “Dust Town”.

Finally, 2014’s SAND CIRCLE, will introduce you to “The Man In The Corner”, a young lady from Namibia, “Lazy Susie”, the “Winner”, a whole lot of folk trying to join the band, and finally, “Billy Badger”.